This was an AIGA DESIGN ENVY submission.

The Aeon Project, by Michael Harboun in partnership with Dassault Systems, conceives a new future for driving using GPS and Augmented Reality technologies.

Watch the video here:

Sometimes speculative designs engage the imagination more than anything that exists in reality. This project, for me, is an instance of how an artful blend of the best in technological gadgets transforms gimmicks into meaningful storytelling experiences that change the way we live. 

Simple and compelling applications of Augmented Reality help the driver navigate through the city with minimal distractions, in the most intuitive of ways. A dynamic GPS system activates points of interest along the way, inviting the driver to revert to auto-drive mode in order to delve into rich and meaningful narratives about sites on location. Interactive 3D models of buildings, together with descriptions and historical context become available at a swipe of a finger and the car promises to entertain while waiting at the light.

My favorite kind of science fiction is the genre of the almost conceivable. The kind that you could imagine assembling with the right team and the right budget. The kind of idea that is so tangible and seductive that you can’t help but envy its inventor and can’t wait for someone to put the right team and budget toward making your envious future real.


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